A Wiggles Wish Come True

Over the past year, Elijah has fallen in love with 4 guys, a pirate, an octopus, a dinosaur and a dog!  The Australian’s know them as ‘The Wiggles’ and Elijah just can’t get enough of Murray, Jeff, Anthony, Greg, Captain Feathersword, Henry, Dorothy, and Wags!

He has watched the entire collection of DVD’s at the Mah house, who just happen to be related to Jeff Wiggles, and Elijah is completely enamoured with the Captain and Dorothy, and repeatedly asks us “You be Wake Up Jeff” which involves pretending to be asleep and him saying “Jeff is always falling aseep.  What are we goin ‘a’ do?  Let’s wake Jeff up.  1-2-3-4-5 – Wake up Jeff!!”

When it was announced that the Wiggles were retiring at the end of the year and were doing their last 4 shows in Sydney at the Entertainment Centre, I proposed to Nana and Poppi (Barb and Gary) that their Christmas gift to Elijah be a ticket to see one of their final shows.  They of course obliged, so on December 22nd, Elijah’s wish came true!

We arrived at the show in time to purchase Murray’s plush guitar with his leftover Christmas money, and took our seats centre stage, in the very last row of the upper section.  Elijah was in awe of the stage and the lights and the jumbo screens that in advance of the show were playing Wiggles DVD footage simply to get the kids geared up for the real deal.

Elijah’s face turned to complete shock and utter amazement when the 4 Wiggles came out onto the stage in the infamous Big Red Car and the Entertainment Centre went wild with children’s screams of excitement!

When the shock wore off, he sang along to most of the songs and thoroughly enjoyed seeing his Australian friends live on stage!  During the show, we got introduced to the new Wiggles who will be replacing Murray, Jeff and Greg, and Elijah even got to hand a bone to Jeff Wiggles to give to Wags the dog!

After the Wiggles final encore, Elijah was more than ready to head outdoors and tell his dad and Leina and Cohen all about the show!

Elijah may not love The Wiggles forever, and he may not remember seeing them live in Sydney, but I will forever remember bringing him to the show, witnessing the look of pure shock and excitement on his face, singing along to the songs, and celebrating the 21 years of ‘Wiggles’ entertainment.  Thanks Nana and Poppi for making Elijah’s wish down under come true!

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6 thoughts on “A Wiggles Wish Come True

  1. Love his guitar. He looks so grown up….what a difference a year makes! Glad the big kid and the little kid enjoyed it!!

  2. My girls loved The Wiggles growing up:). The tunes can be quite catchy!!
    Barb- I was thinking the same thing- even though we just saw Elijah in October…he is changing so fast!
    What a wonderful gift!!

  3. Well Al, even if he doesn’t remember it, I loved the thought of Elijah having so much fun.

    He and Cole will be able to have some Wiggles fun together since Cole has decided they are one of his favorites!

    Enjoy the last of that scorching summer heat. If any of those fires get too close make sure to have some marshmallows handy!

    Love Ben

  4. What a great story. I can only imagine the feelings and excitement. Well done. Looking more like Cohen all the time. Such a big little man!

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