Elijah Turns 2 Down Under!

Elijah, our cheeky little boy, has officially entered the “terrible two’s”!  And he is definitely not little anymore!

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Elijah was fortunate to celebrate his 2nd birthday twice.  We had a combined birthday party while holidaying up in South West Rocks with good friends Hamish and Tricia and their daughters Sadie and Caitlyn, as well as my sister Erin and husband John.  Matt’s birthday was on July 6th; Elijah’s on the 13th, and Tricia’s birthday was the 14th.  So our last night all together at the holiday house turned into one big celebration for all three birthday celebrants, complete with chocolate cake, and presents and Tim Tams!

The night we returned home to Blackheath from the holiday house with Erin and John, was Elijah’s actual birth date, so we celebrated (again) and the celebration turned into one of our classic dance parties!  This time with Auntie Erin and Uncle Johnny Boy grinding to the ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack, and a lip-sync courtesy of Auntie Erin to the “Kellerman’s Anthem”!

The next day Elijah enjoyed opening some special gifts that had been sent from family back home in Canada.

Elijah continues to delight us with his made up songs and stories and doesn’t miss a beat!  Speaking of beat, he is a budding musician and loves to try his hand at any instrument, guitars especially!

He may have entered the “terrible two’s”, and may test his parents on a regular basis with his stubbornness, but he is still one sweet and fun-loving boy to have around!

Happy 2nd Birthday Elijah!


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