The Arrival of Grandparents!

Our first visitors to our new home in Australia were about to arrive! The spare bedroom was ready and waiting, and 3 very spirited grandchildren were bursting with excitement! Matt’s parents, Blair and Jean were set to arrive into Sydney at 8:30AM on April 4th. They were arriving just in time for the Easter weekend and the first term two-week break.

Elijah and I made the two hour trek to the airport in Sydney, with an Aussie flag ready to be waved frantically at our guests! Elijah had been talking non-stop about “Ganpa and Gamma” and “aipane” for the weeks leading up to their arrival. The whole journey to Kingsford-Smith Airport was consumed with talk about two of his favourite people on earth!  Little did I know his reaction upon actually seeing them would be one of pure disbelief and skepticism!

The flight was on time and their journey was comfortable as they had been upgraded to business class!  There were big hugs, and they were thankfully greeted with warm Australian weather, as well as a disbelieving and muted grandson!  It wasn’t until after lunch in Springwood, en route to Blackheath that Elijah finally came out of his shell and held his “Ganpa’s” hand as they walked the streets of this quaint village!

After a quick catnap and more cuddles at home, we all walked up to the school to collect the other two excited grandchildren.

While waiting patiently in the school courtyard for the final bell to ring, Blair and Jean were able to meet some of the other Blackheath parents and new friends.  As soon as the bell rang, Leina came running into her grandparents arms and what a special reunion it was!  Blair went around to the Kindergarten courtyard to greet a very ecstatic grandson – Cohen held on tight to Grandpa long after the hug was initiated!  And then it was Grandma’s turn for a Cohen bear hug, and she too was not left disappointed!

The first stop after the grande reunion and introductions to their teachers, was the bakery on the way home for a classic grandparent treat – chocolate infused croissant and a hot chocolate!  Check out the happy grin!

The kids were so eager to show Grandpa and Grandma the route home from school, which was made much more interesting by the sugar rush!

It wasn’t long after the school pick up and bakery treats that Matt got home from work and was warmly and lovingly greeted by his parents.  And this was the start of what was going to be fantastic quality bonding time with such special visitors!